Vertigo Rose: a sensory journey through the scents of Tokyo

Immerse yourself in the streets of Tokyo to celebrate the launch of the new Vertigo Rose candle.

Imagine strolling through the lively streets of Harajuku, where every corner whispers creativity and youthful spirit. The vibrant and colorful energy of extravagant fashion trends and bright storefronts, a blend of tradition and innovation merging into an olfactory dance.

The deep, earthy scent of oud marries the imposing elegance of skyscrapers. This enveloping aroma reflects the intensity of neon lights, cutting through the night like blades of light, and the echo of hurried footsteps on bustling streets. It’s a fragrance that encapsulates the duality of Tokyo: bustling yet imbued with a quiet, subtle magic.

scented candle-vertigo-rose-venote

The aroma of tonka bean and leather accords blends with the pulsating frenzy of the world’s most famous intersection. This fragrance envelops the soul with a warm sweetness, reminiscent of life and love stories intertwining beneath LED signs. It’s an essence that encapsulates modernity and tradition, speed and contemplation, harmoniously coexisting in every breath of the metropolis.

Each olfactory note captures a fragment of this unique city, evoking vivid images and profound sensations. Lighting it, you’ll immerse yourself in an experience that awakens memories and sparks new dreams, where each scent tells a story and every light ignites an emotion.

Nighttime Shinjuku Tokyo intersection with neon lights and people crossing street - vibrant city atmosphere.

Lose yourselves in the mazes of your perceptions, letting yourselves be carried away by the currents of enchantment and mystery that envelop the night of Tokyo.

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