Caring for Candles and Room Diffusers


Artisanal beewax candles and our room diffusers are designed to offer a superior olfactory experience. Each product is the result of meticulous selection of sustainable ingredients and cutting-edge production techniques. To ensure the best performance and longevity of your products, we have created this detailed guide. Discover below our FAQs and tips to keep the magic of every candle and diffuser alive.


FAQ – Care of Beeswax Candles

Why choose beeswax candles?

Beeswax candles burn cleaner and more evenly than traditional candles, reducing soot production. Moreover, they are eco-friendly and emit delicate and long-lasting fragrances.

What is the recommended diffusion area for your candles?

We recommend using our candles in spaces of 30-35sqm for optimal fragrance diffusion.

Any tips for the first lighting?

On the first lighting, leave the candle burning for at least 2 hours. The fragrance will begin to emerge once the “pool of liquid wax” is formed. Do not leave the candle burning for more than 3 hours.

How can I make my candle last longer?

It’s important to trim the wick to about 5mm before every lighting. This ensures uniform combustion and prevents soot formation.

Can I reuse the jar once the candle is finished?

Absolutely! Once the candle is completely consumed, you can clean the jar and reuse it as you wish.

FAQ – Room Diffusers

How do room diffusers work?

Room diffusers release fragrance into the air through sticks immersed in a scented liquid. The fragrance slowly spreads in the environment, creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

What is the recommended diffusion area for your diffusers?

We recommend using our diffusers in spaces of 30-35sqm for optimal fragrance diffusion.

How to optimize the use of diffusers the first time?

On the first use, leave the sticks immersed in the scented liquid for at least 24/48h to allow the fragrance to penetrate inside them. Subsequently, turn the sticks over.

Is the duration of the diffuser influenced by how often the sticks are turned?

Yes, the product’s lifespan varies depending on how often you turn the sticks and if the diffuser is placed near warm air currents, which could speed up the fragrance’s evaporation.

Can I refill my room diffuser?

Yes, we offer refills for our room diffusers, allowing you to reuse the container and continually enjoy your favorite fragrance.

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