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About Venote

Venote is an Italian luxury brand of artisanal fragrances, founded in 2018 by dreamers, created to shock and revive memories through the senses and our unconventional mix of scents, developed with 70s atmosphere and designed with a new modern twist.

We want to focus on unconventional and freedom for self-expression, rituals, along with the sharing of our memories with other people. We draw inspiration from art, social and cultural transformation, unusual, music and design, as well as the interpretation of our motto “KEEP BREATHING”.


Behind the brand

Since I was child I’ve always been fascinated by the smells that surrounded me and then I tried to associate them with an image, a story. In 2018 I began developing a creative project around scents and the intrinsic memory that them evoke, starting from moments of my life to create essences that are both personal and collective. Venote want to celebrate simplicity, sincerity through the memories of our life translated in olfactory experiences.


"We believe that scents should shock and revive memories. We believe in the unusual not as a flaw but as a key point of our research. We believe in responsible luxury as a goal. We believe that creativity, led by the emotion of outsider can change the way we see things".

Heart and energy are the most important things

Venote is much more than a fragrance brand: it is a lifestyle based on playful spirit and a spontaneous naive approach.

We were born looking to the future without betraying our origins and our heritage. exploiting them to bring the beauty of simplicity into homes.

We proudly claim our know-how, our passion, as Italians, we put these into translating memories and feeling into objects.

Venote - Apogée Nomade - Campaign 2021 - Reed diffuser - Home fragrance - Two guys dancing into desert

We don't just make fragrances, we create stories

As a brand, we firmly believe in our values of celebrating simplicity and sincerity, through our creations.

Behind the creation of our fragrances are the memories of the moments of our lives, transformed into olfactory experiences.

Our goal is that they awaken personal memories in those who smell them.


How we do it?

Our goal is to clean up the Beauty and Lifestyle industry.
We constantly search for ways to unify the use of sustainable materials with an endearing design thanks a continued visionary focus on ethical production.

Artisanal Heritage

Hand-poured with love in Italy

Sustainable luxury

Made with the best recyclable raw materials

High quality ingredients

Made with natural essential Oils and high quality natural Beewax

Ethical production

Our products are paraben-free and animal cruelty-free



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